Kindle screen freeze issue

I have been using this Kindle 3 from last 8 years. I found this device very useful considering it has a very long battery life and portable. When I was reading last, I found battery to be critically low and left the device. After couple of days when I checked it, for my utter surprise its screen froze, I tried to reset from reset button(hold start button for 20 seconds), but it did not worked.

First I was heisted to open it, considering I was hopeful that it might be a charging issue and keep charging the device continually. But I did not turn up. Then one fine day, I thought as its already dead(or say gone), there is no harm if I open it up and see.
   I searched on google and found reference of a reset point, where I can shot it with a wire to restart the device. I keep trying with different option and finally it worked. It’s highlighted in below screen.
   Note that there are some version of kindle which already has a reset button(highlighted below, first image). in those type it is just a matter of pressing the reset button.
   In my case, I had no such button, the challenge was to figure out two points which needs to be shorted to reset the device. Finally I used a safety pin to short these and and it all started working.

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