Update after a long time..

Much time has passed since I write my last post. lots of  important things happened since I  had written my last last post, most important of those is moving to new organization and new city after a long time. I had some doubts and fear before moving to AKQA, but now I feel like its worth moving to new younger company.

Another thing, is to learn new stuff, CQ or(AEM) and whole lot of new technical movement that is  happening around in DevOps  (Chef, puppet) Microservices, which is the driving factor around all..

Here I found one interesting video about Microservices

Last but not least and most important



2 responses to “Update after a long time..

  1. After having a look at this blog, i was remembering my days while starting blogging….

  2. This was a nice experience while reading the article. I need to know more about how the PHP being incorporated with the micro services. And also how it works with AWS.

    Anish Ninan – http://www.thinkeyits.com

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