Seven Years in Software Industry

I would not say that I was busy but really speaking feeling lazy from last couple of days and was living a very routinely life between office home office home that I don’t realize that I had completed seven years in software industry. It was the 7th July 2004 that I was waiting in the lobby of first company business solution to get formally inducted in the team. It seems that it is yesterday’s incident. But when I see the new people who come to join the company then I realize that it was the day 7 years back.
Many things have changed, environment, city, company, technology named a few but what not changed is the thrill to explore and see new things.I still explore new things daily, get hooked to my PC to see the output of a program. I still feel a kind of restlessness or say dissatisfied with the code that I come across or write and try to explore the better way to do the things. You can always find 3-4 liner programs on my PC. I write these to clear my basic understanding.
There are many new things that I have started which really spice up my life like exploring ruby on rails, scala, Some no SQL DBs like Cassandra, caching tools like memcached, ehcache etc.

Lets see where this exploration end up.


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