Online Operating System?

As I was trying to download some code from github , I realized that I have to download and install Git first then use this software to download the code. Is it not some waste of time? Lets consider another example, suppose if you want to play a music file, then you have to install the player first,then use it. Would it not be a better option if we move all the programs that we use (lets say all programs from (Window->Start -> Programs) to a online virtual operating system. It would be a better idea if we move the complete operating system to online. We can access all our file,programs from anywhere in the world, and there will not be any need to install the program again.

There are some online desktop projects by gnome or igoogle , but these are in initial stage. I am talking about an online solution which moves the whole OS(say complete windows or Linux to online). We can install program on this online desktop,play games music like we do on normal system. I have not found any. Lets see when we will see these kind of softwares.


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